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Laminates, Blinds & More was founded on January
2005. Became a fast growing company in South
Florida. The owner worked for 3 years with a big
flooring company; first as an assistant to acquire
important  experience, and was promote as an
installer. After  acquiring all the knowledge necessary
about this business, he obtained his own License &
Insurance and received the
Pergo Endorsed
Installation Certification, and built his own business.
Be assured that you are
guaranteed with complete
care and assistance, every
step of the way in making
your selections, as well as
expert installation by the
owner and not by a
Lic. # 05BS00666
We specialize in wood and laminate floor installation; as well as interior decoration.
We provide  beautiful wood blinds that can match with your new floor color or, if
you would like, we can add a beautiful baseboards or crown moulding, that will
enhance the beauty of your new floor.
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Laminate flooring has been a fashionable
option in Europe for more than 20 years, and
it's rapidly gaining popularity in the United
States. The most common designs have a
wood grain appearance. Laminates are
designed to look good for many years with a
minimum amount of maintenance.
All laminate floor is based on four basic layers. A Laminate Wood Floor is only as strong
as its foundation. The foundation of the laminate is its strong melamine balancer layer
that keeps the product from warping, and also protects the laminate from moisture
damage from underneath.
The second layer is the core of the product. This gives the Laminate  Floor its
pressure resistance.
Once the core has been produced under extreme heat and pressure, the decor layer
(or photo layer) is then adhered to the top of the core. Even though Laminate  Floor
looks like wood, it is actually a brilliant picture of wood grain. This allows the
manufacturer to produce virtually any tone of hardwood, or even tile.
Once the product is produced, a durable wear layer is bonded to the product. This
makes the flooring resistant to scratching, staining, wearing and even fading with UV  
Ease of installation is one factor that contributes to the popularity of laminate
flooring. It uses a tongue and groove interlocking system, which can be installed over
the top of an existing substrate. Plywood, concrete slab, sheet vinyl flooring,
hardwood flooring or virtually any other basically flat hard surface is a suitable base
for laminate.
No other flooring option adds warmth and
flavor to a room like hardwood. Today's
hardwood floors are available in three basic
types - solid hardwood, long strip planks and
engineered planks. Solid hardwood floors are
just that - 100% solid wood; whereas long strip
and engineered planks are constructed of thin
layers of wood that are glued together.
However, when any of these hardwood
options are installed it's difficult to decipher
the difference. The look of hardwood flooring
largely depends on the finish you choose.
Hardwood and Engineer Floors are available in many different colors and sizes. This
floors can be installed glue down, over plywood, concrete or tile; and sometimes, can
be installed nail down, over a plywood sub-floor.
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